AboutBrenda May gallery 3


running with the pack, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney 2013 (image credit Rosie Hulak)

Amanda Stuart is a Canberra based visual artist, writer, curator and art educator. Her sculptural works produce objects that sit in the environment to invite psychic re-imaginings of old, unhealed wounds between humans and unwanted animals. Embedded in a materiality of the Australian regional landscape and its fauna, her works refer to the social, cultural, ethical and political difficulties surrounding contested estranged human animal/relations within contested landscapes. Stuart’s practice embraces drawing, installation, object making and in-situ photographic documentation.


Stuart has a PhD in Visual Arts (Sculpture) and a Bachelor of Science (Land Management) – the latter of which strongly informs her art practice and concerns regarding relations with country. She currently lectures in the Environment Studio and Foundation workshops at the Australian National University (ANU)’s School of Art and Design, and delivers the Environment Studio Balawan and Buugang Electives. Amanda acknowledges co-founders Amelia Zaraftis and Heike Qualitz and pays gracious resect to all First Nations and non-Indigenous contributors.