Brenda May gallery 3

running with the pack, Brenda May Gallery, Sydney 2013 (image credit Rosie Hulak)

Amanda Stuart is a Canberra based visual artist, writer, curator and art educator. Her sculptural works produce objects that sit in the environment to invite psychic re-imaginings of old, unhealed wounds between humans and unwanted animals. Embedded in a materiality of the Australian regional landscape and its fauna, her works refer to the social, cultural, ethical and political difficulties surrounding contested estranged human animal/relations within contested landscapes. Stuart’s practice embraces drawing, installation, object making and in-situ photographic documentation.

Stuart has a PhD in Visual Arts (Sculpture) and a Bachelor of Science (Land Management) – the latter of which quietly informs her art practice and concerns regarding relations with country. She currently lectures in the Environment Studio and Foundation workshops at the ANUSOA, and co-coordinates The Balawan Elective, with co-founders Amelia Zaraftis and Heike Qualitz.