Photographic Works

Inundated series

my life in the Bush of ghosts (running up that hill) | 32 x 24 cm | digital prints on cotton rag paper | 2017

Playlist exhibition – ANCA gallery, 2017

Kate Bush arrived just in time.

She hit my teenage years roaming the Yorkshire moors, pissed off and calling from the other side to an oblivious Heathcliff. Her love of the natural world and creative force flagged a sanctuary on the periphery of popular music, which seemed a stagnant swamp to me during those doldrum years.

Bush also knew the power of words. Her lyrics evoked complex narratives and emotions that activated her remarkable musicality, drawing heavily from classical literature. She also spoke from a multitude of perspectives – a familiar theme was her ability to imagine a voice from the other side.

 my life in the Bush of ghosts (running up that hill) is a self-portrait series shot using an old iPhone. The images are taken in the dam I frequent upon Mt Majura, to reboot. Its title refers (by pun) to the innovative experimental electronic rock album by Brian Eno & David Byrne, cited as a major influence to key musicians during the 1980’s, including Kate Bush. This work is a meditation on the complexities of being swamped and a tribute to the creative spirit that nurtures us from other realms.

Tracking the Black Cockatoo

Tracking the Black Cockatoo | 2014

By Amanda Stuart and Hanna Hoyne
The collaboration Tracking the Black Cockatoo, 2014 included costume, two site-specific performances, documentation and an artist’s book. The artist book Tracking the Black Cockatoo, 2014 is a visual document of the performances, process & the ideas that underpin the artists’ visual and personal relationship.

Coyote Drawing, Elvado

Coyote Drawing | Elvado, New Mexico | 2014

Mallee, Calperum Station, South Australia

In these object based and performative works, I explore the position of the introduced species, which in terms of natural heritage, is often seen as the outsider.


stories from the desert

Malleable  | 43 x 56 cm | pigment on rag | 2011


feral topiaries

Feral topiaries | 43 x 56 cm | pigment on rag | 2011

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