Mongrel Country (echoes)

mongrel country (echoes) | Cox Gallery | Canberra | 2017| photography: Brenton McGeachie

Mongrel Country (Echoes) catalogue

lines of desire

lines of desire | 1920’s shearer’s beds, mild steel, woollen blankets, lanolin, sheep manure, dingo urine, LED lights and torches | Canberra | 2013

bush pack

bush pack (nil tenure) | bronze | Civic, ACT  | 2011

mongrel country (nil tenure)

nil tenure | Brenda May Gallery | Sydney Australia 2013

mongrel country | Palmer Biennale | South Australia | 2010

CCAS Manuka

mongrel country (nil tenure) | Canberra Contemporary Art Space | 2008

Sculpture by the edge

bush pack | Sculpture by the Edge | Bermagui | 2008


public enemies

public enemies

public enemies | Digital photograph, 80 x 70 x 125cm | mild steel, found objects, fence-wire, textile, bones, wax, bitumen | 2008

My aim is to explore the tensions that arise when domestic and wild animal and human communities cohabit a terrain – specifically within the south-east Australian landscape and psyche. The wild dog / dingo issue is a highly complex and emotive one – my work seeks to explore these issues on physical and sub-conscious levels.