canis lupus tingo

canis lupus tingo | 2014  | 18 x 28 x 15cm | silica bronze, mild steel, upholstery fabric, leather, pins, stuffing

Difficult human-animal relations characterise the themes of my practice. In particular, I focus on the notion of the ‘outsider’ species, or animals that are considered to be pests or vermin, within an Australian context. This is directly informed by a science degree, my background in land management and previous experience as a park ranger in various parts of the country. I have recently focused on wild dog and dingo populations and issues associated with regional Australian farming communities. In this piece I wanted to create an intimate hand held object that would reference both a wild canine and an historic domestic object – such as a couch and a pin-cushion. The collision of two very different forms in one seemingly absurd object creates the intrigue and tension within this curious sculpture.

the year of the watersnake

year of the watersnake

year of the watersnake detail

Year of the water snake | M16 gallery | Canberra |2013


Year of the water snake | Hidden | Rookwood Cemetery | Sydney| 2015

the bed i lie in

Amanda Stuart_D0A0941 2

the bed i lie in | ANU School of Art gallery | Canberra |2013

sirius descending


sirius descending | 2011 | 120 x 23 x 33cm | copper wire, mild steel barbed wire, ochre, sand, salt lick

This work is a meditation on the historical, cultural and social implications of humans, colonisation and outsider species. I would like to acknowledge and thank Franz Peters and the staff of National Parks and Wildlife Service (Bombala and Southern Region) for their generous assistance and support with accessing and interpreting the region.


Pelt | 2009 |  90 x 120cm | Used Riggers Gloves

My intention as an artist is to explore the tensions that arise when domestic and wild animal and human communities co-habit a terrain – specifically within the contemporary Australian landscape and psyche – and to explore questions concerning country, culture and identity.

alpha mythologies

alpha mythologies

Alpha mythologies | 2008