The Balawan Elective

Article about the ANU School of Art and Design Environment Studio Balawan Elective in the Australian council of Deans and Directors of Creative Arts Non traditional Research outcomes (NITRO) platform, December 2016

Howling, Haunting and the Symbolic Dingo

Chapter in: Engaging Animals Sydney University Press, 2014

(Is there) Sympathy for the devil?

Exegesis submitted for the Doctor of Philosophy (Visual Arts), Australian National University

wild things

wild things pic

Wild Things – documentary by Richard Mockler

It’s a war zone. A grim, relentless battle waged on the frontier between honest toil and a fierce enemy that refuses to respect boundaries. Wild dogs maraud at will and strike fear in the hearts of graziers who lie awake at night in terror at the carnage visited upon their flocks. In turn, they fire. The conquered enemy is unduly subjected to a macabre ritual reminiscent of lynchings in the deep South. Dog carcasses are strung from trees – a cryptic message, but to whom? Wild Things is not a call to arms but documents the journey of park ranger turned sculptural artist Amanda Stuart as she probes the boundaries of this ancient conflict.

Interview with Amanda Stuart by Richard Mockler

exhibition catalogues

Untaming the Urban Catalogue WEB 2.8MB-1

Untaming the Urban catalogue – symposium exhibition 2016

Balawan cover aug 27 email

Beyond Balawan catalogue– Field Studies 2015

'Tumut' Tumut-1

‘Tumut catalogue – Engaging Visions 2008

mallee catalogue cover 18 march 2015

Mallee [Mæli:] exhibition catalogue – Field Studies 2011

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far enough catalogue – Field Studies 2011